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Good afternoon families 🙂

We hope all parents have been working hard today and are looking forward to picking up their little ones later today. Miss Bek was out away today and we are hopping to see her back tomorrow :). Today we welcomed to Kindy, Harper, Delila, Ryan, Harry, Ariana, Colton, Charlotte, Cohen, Harrison, Everlea, Madalyn, Myla, Cruiz, Lachlan, Ivy, Bjorn, Lincoln, Latika, Sayde, Amelia and Lily. This morning out in the yard we had a few activities/areas we had Colton, Delila and Ivy playing really well with each other in the sand pit, they were making cakes and building sand castles. Everlea, Myla, Madalyn and Ariana were playing on the gymnastic set up practicing their balancing and jumping skills. Bjorn, Ryan and Lachlan were playing many games with each other running around playing tag, tiring themselves out to the point they all had to stop and take a water break! They all laughed at each other as they grabbed their drink bottles and had a rest. Sayde and Lincoln were up in the tree house running around and going up and down the slides, whilst Cohen and Cruiz were racing around on the bikes.

We then transitioned inside for morning tea, we washed and dried our hands, collected our drink bottles and took a seat at the table. Today was a littler harder then yesterday with the transition as we have double the amount of friends so its only natural. This morning we had Blissful Blueberry, Apple, and Ginger seedy slice served with strawberries and orange, we had about half the class try and absolutely love the slice, the other half stuck with what they knew and just had the fruit. Aftuer morning tea we had a small group time, we started off with our acknowledgement we then talked about what the expectations were around going to the show and how we should act. We then sung Bee Bee Bumble Bee to take turns find our hats and put sunscreen on to get ready for the show.

This morning we were lucky enough to have another show, the show was called Circular Rhythm, it was a show displaying all of Lucas Proudfoot musical talents. He told stories and played music incorporating a lot of cultural diversity within. The show ran for approx. 45min, Pre-Kindy really enjoyed the first half of the show and then struggled to keep all focus on Lucas. Bjorn, Lachlan, Ryan and Amelia really enjoyed themselves staying completely focused until the very end.

We then finished up at the show and had some outdoor play before lunch. Harry, Harrison, Ivy, Colton and Sayde spent their time up in the tree house building all sorts of structures. Lincoln and Cruiz spent some time with Miss Tiffany reading, whilst Ariana, Charlotte, Harper and Latika spent their time in the sandpit climbing on the monkey bars.

This afternoon we will have Pita Crispies with Hommus and a selection of fruit and vegetables as afternoon tea. We will have some more activities and play set up for our afternoon adventures and look forward to our families arrival for collection.

Miss Lara and Miss Tiffany