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Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday!

Today we have carried on our sea creature theme with creating a very large shark made from a palm frond that Miss Donna found in her front garden. The children had great delight all pitching in to paint it grey. We also added fins, and tomorrow we will add some teeth.

We are not completing it to perfection, as we want the beauty of the natural elements to shine through. This supports our policy of environmental sustainability wherever possible.

We also made sea turtles from recycled cardboard, small stones from Miss Donna’s garden, pieces of paper, googly eyes and PVC glue.

Painting at the easel and adding pieces of assorted collage materials was also a favourite – the children love to use scissors for their creations.

In addition, today we:

  • Used playdough to roll, pummel, cut and create shapes
  • Practiced our threading skills. Threading helps develop pre-numeracy skills such as patterning and sequencing, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity
  • Explored insects and bugs in detail with magnifying glasses, and tried to identify our “finds” on the images available nearby at the table – a great learning experience
  • Poured and scooped coloured rice with funnels, small cups and ladles
  • Enjoyed our wonderful Yoga class with Miss Gabbi

We hope you enjoy our pictures from today, and that you are all safe and well.

Until tomorrow, take care!

Love from Miss Donna and Miss Lyn xxxx