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Tuesday, 17th December 2019.

Hello everyone, Only 8 more sleeps until Christmas!

Today we started our day with some lovely outdoor play, Theo, Arlo, Hazel and India enjoyed being swung on the swing. Laughing as the swing went up and down, saying higher, higher. Then we went inside and did some activities inside. Kianni loved building with the large wooden blocks, while Brax and Henry enjoyed playing shop keepers and helping all their customers. Genevieve enjoyed cutting out the shapes and gluing on the shapes onto a piece of blank paper. Hazel and Amayah enjoyed the new whiteboard makers and the vibrant colours.

Today we also enjoyed the following play-based activities:

– Bright yellow Playdough with cookie cutters and rolling pins – Enjoyed by Eva, Kianni, Myah, Theo, Arlo, Charlotte and Oliver.

– Christmas themed cutting and gluing – Enjoyed by Ried, Genevieve, Xavier, India.

– Making Christmas themed paper chains – Enjoyed by Xavier, Genevieve, Eva, Hazel, Amayah, Myah and Kianni

– Playing in home corner with the cash registers and pretend money – Enjoyed by Brax, Henry, Oliver, Kianni, India, Hazel and Eva.

– Large block construction – Enjoyed by, Theo, Arlo, Ried, Xavier, Kianni, Brax, Amayah and Hazel.

We hope you enjoy today`s pictures and have gotten all your Christmas shopping completed.


Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xxx