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Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to Tuesday! Pre-Kindy would like to welcome Miss Amanda who will be working with Miss Donna on a full-time basis in our room. We had lots of fun this morning during early outdoor play time. Mace and Braxton worked collaboratively together to build a complicated series of car garages from large wooden blocks and planks. They were later joined by Marshall, Reid and Xavier – all taking turns with using the toy cars and sharing quite well – a fantastic effort boys – well done! Indi and Charlotte also enjoyed climbing under and over the large obstacle course over and over again – great balancing and persistence girls!

After morning tea, the following play-based activities were enjoyed:

  • Easel painting with a variety of acrylic paints – Genevieve’s works of art are really becoming quite intricate and involved – she loves to paint!
  • Writing letters/drawing pictures to Santa Claus and placing them into our classroom post box – Hazel and Indi drew beautiful pictures for Santa!

Charlotte and Reid preferred to tap out an imaginary letter to Santa on the keyboard

  • Bright orange playdough with black river pebbles and seashells
  • Water play with sea animals, sudsy water and boats on the outside verandah – enjoyed by Kianni, Indi, Mace, Braxton, Reid, Marshall and Xavier especially
  • Coloured rice with spoons, ladle, cups and funnels – Amayah, Henry, Eva, Oli, Theo and Arlo really enjoyed this activity, spending lots of time pouring and scooping. Henry was a great helper when it came time to sweep it up and pack away – thanks Henry!
  • Collage activity using pieces of cut up hessian, bark and coloured glue – Henry, Amayah, Genevieve, Hazel and Marshall were very creative and busy!

Hazel, Reid and Xavier were excellent helpers in the preparation of lunch, and in serving out plates and drinks to their friends – great work!

Until tomorrow everyone, take care and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. Lots of love, Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xxx