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Good afternoon Pre-Kindy families and carers, and welcome to a warm and breezy Tuesday! This morning during outside play, we created/painted transport vehicles from recycled cardboard boxes, acrylic paint and paper plates – lots of fun. We also used our plastic construction pieces to turn them into flowers that we planted in the outside sand.

During indoor activity time, we played with and extended our skills with the following:

  • Creating “firework” paintings at the easel for the Diwali new year festival
  • Developing our fine motor skills by stretching elastic bands/making designs on the Geo boards
  • Creating Diwali paper lanterns for the Hindu new year festival with coloured glues and glittery collage pieces
  • Diwali power point story
  • Assorted puzzles
  • Home corner with various food items, kitchen stove, table and cooking utensils
  • Coloured rice play with funnels, spoons and small cups
  • Dinosaurs and rocks in sand

Just a reminder that next Monday we have a Grandparent’s Day afternoon tea, commencing at 2.30 p.m. – We hope to see you there if you have a grandchild that attends on Mondays.

Until tomorrow everyone, have a lovely afternoon 😊

Love from Miss Donna and Miss Tania xxx