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Hello to all our Pre-Kindy families on a mixed weather-wise Tuesday. We have had sun, rain, and little bits in between today! We have had a lot of fun today with all our friends, starting with sunny outdoor morning play including bike riding (Arlo and Ella were very involved in tandem bike sharing, as was Harvey and Ella), playing on the giant swing (enjoyed by Chi, Kaylee, Harley, Asher, Ellie and Harvey), and painting at the three-way easel (particularly fun for Zahra, Ellie, Asher, Zander and Harley). We also found a small injured green tree frog. It appeared to have a big cut in its side and had an unusual protrusion. It was a good opportunity to discuss how animals/amphibians can get injured (just like people can). We discussed whether a bird may have tried to eat the frog. Ellie though it might have been an eagle. Kaylee said we should take the frog to “hospital.” Zander then exclaimed “maybe it is turning into a tadpole!”. This also provided an opportunity to reaffirm the lifecycle of a frog amongst our friends, and that tadpoles come before frogs.

This morning during morning teatime, Miss Donna got the children involved in a 24-hour science experiment. She introduced white Chrysanthemums and red and yellow water colours. Different children got a turn to place single flowers into either the red or the yellow colour. We talked about how flowers like to drink water (referred to as “transpiration/water movement through a plant”), and that by tomorrow, our flowers would be coloured either pink/red or yellow. It will be exciting to wait and see! Activities such as this really appeal to young children and align with the Early Years Learning Framework – Learning Outcome 4.2, whereby children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem-solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating.

In addition, we had a really fun game during morning group time – “What’s missing?” There were initially 4 different types of animals in a bag that Miss Donna pulled out and asked the children to name. She then asked the children to close their eyes whilst an animal was removed. Our friends then had to guess which animal was missing. We repeated the game with 5 animals (removing 1) and then 6 animals (removing 2). The children were all extremely engaged! Marlie, Arlo, Indi and Oli in particular were very quick guessers.

This type of game aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework in the following ways:

4.1 Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity cooperation confidence creativity commitment enthusiasm persistence imagination and reflexivity

4.2 Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem-solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating;

5.1 Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes

We also had some fantastic building/construction taking place with our small foam blocks. Chi built a very intricate house and adjoining tower, Asher built a rocket, and Harley and Lily

Following on from Asher and Zander’s discussion at group time yesterday about a python they spotted at a restaurant on the weekend, we created our own python today from a large branch, black paint, yellow paint and yellow diamond cut paper. William, Harley, Ella, Harvey, Lily, Ellie, Harley, Maia, Asher, Zander, and Ivy all contributed to our own special Pre-Kindy python today – well done!

We also learnt a new hand clapping song today called “Miss Mary Mack”. Lily was very brave and possessed great confidence to play the game with Miss Donna first whilst the other children could watch and learn. When we all joined in, we got faster and faster as we sang the words. The children thought it was hilarious! This was followed up by a fun game of “Doggy, Doggy who’s got the bone” with Miss Livia. Great joining in Jaxon and Ella in particular!

Until tomorrow everyone, stay safe and enjoy your evening! Please enjoy the photos and written descriptions of experiences/learning that occurred during your child’s day. Love Miss Donna and Miss Livia xx