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Good afternoon Pre-Kindy Families

We hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend 🙂

This morning we welcomed to Kindy, Harrison, Cohen, Everlea, Ryan, Lachlan, Bjorn, Harper, Ariana, Charlotte, Colten, Harry, Cruiz, Latika, Ivy, Delila, Amelia and Lily who is transitioning into our classroom from Senior Kindy.

This morning was a good morning we had a few hard drop offs which is to be expected after a long weekend, but all children settled nicely after having a few cuddles. We had a range of activities in the outdoor environment this morning with the children thoroughly enjoying the mud kitchen, incorporating this area with the water play and the sandpit. This was a great sensory experience and the children enjoyed using their imagination to make yummy cakes for their peers.

The hoola hoops were added to the climbing equipment to make an obstacle course however, the children preferred to swing them around their hips instead of using them as obstacles. The scooters were added the bike track and the children decided to add the bikes too. they enjoyed racing them around and riding through the hill.

Soon it was time to transition indoors. We gathered on the mat and revisited our learning journey on space. Today we listened to the planet song again, looked at the planets we previous learnt about and then discovered a new planet, Jupiter. The children learnt it is the biggest planet in the solar system and also spins the fastest, with a day only consisting of 10 hours. Jupiter although being made up of the same gasses as the sun, is far too small to become a star. We learnt all this from the Jupiter song.

The children had requested to explore the outdoor environment some more so today we skipped activity time in the indoor environment and got ready to explore outdoors.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany.