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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families 🙂 

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to today’s blog 

This morning at Kindy we welcomed the following friends Lachlan, Ariana, Bjorn, Ryan, Charlotte, Madalyn, Myla, Delila, Harrison, Ivy, Cruiz, Harper, Sayde, Lily, Henry, Lincoln and Colton. 

We started our morning off inside the Pre-Kindy classroom with Ryan, Ivy, Myla, Cruiz and Lincoln joining us at Kindy. Ryan and Ivy arrived whilst Miss Lea was still in the classroom with the schoolies which gave Ryan and Ivy the opportunity to hold some stink beetles. Myla joined Miss Tiffany in making a train track, Cruiz enjoyed playing with some playdough whilst Lincoln headed for the animals and had some independent play time with the dinosaurs. 

We then headed outside which saw the arrival of the rest of our friends, Colton and Ivy spent the morning on the bikes. Bojrn, Lachlan, Ryan, Cruise, Lincoln, Sayde and Harrison had fun on the grass hill, with each taking turns running up it and then sliding down. Charlotte and Ariana enjoyed swinging on the monkey bars, while Madalyn and Myla played with the large wooden blocks. Lily and Henry were in the sandpit playing amongst their friends from Senior Kindy. 

We transitioned into morning tea by washing and drying ours, we put out hats in our lockers and then collected our drink bottles before taking a seat to enjoy the yummy food. As we finished our morning tea we then headed to the mat for group time where we started off with our acknowledgement to land, good morning song and then did our days of the week calendar. With the Olympics currently on and the celebration of Early Learning Matter weeks we combined both into a learning experience about transportation and how did our athletes get themselves across to Tokyo for the Olympics. When asked the questions, how can we get to Japan? In conjunction Miss Bek was showing a picture of a world map.  Lincoln was the first to put his hand up “we can use a ladder to get from there to there” pointing to the map. With further discussion and examples given Lachlan responded “you need to go by airplane”. 

We spoke about needing a passport and a ticket to be able to board a plane, Miss Be then asked if they wanted to get themselves ready to fly? With a unanimous YES we decided to create our passport and ticket. 

We then headed off into groups of self-selected play along with a few friends heading to the tables to create their passports with Miss Tiffany. Following on from our morning activities we then headed outside before getting ready for lunch and rest time. 


Today meals; 

Pancakes served with fresh fruit and berry compote

Spaghetti Bolognese served with a salad bar

Pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies served with fresh fruit

With love Miss Tiff and Miss Bek