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Hello Pre-Kindy families, and welcome to Tuesday. We hope that you all had a wonderful Australia Day/long weekend with your families and friends. If you have any photos to share with us of your child’s experiences, please place them on a USB (clearly labelled), and we could have a “Show and Tell” experience at group time throughout the week.

Whilst outside this morning, we had lots of fun cycling/pedalling on the large trikes and playing on the giant swing. We also enjoyed throwing the ball to our friends, and trying to catch it, Suddenly, the rains came down and we quickly went up to the outdoor classroom for stories and songs. Once the rain had stopped, we made our way indoors where we had a yummy morning tea, followed by a story called “My mum goes to work”. This was followed by a discussion with the children about whose mummies work inside or outside the home, and the type of work they do.

In addition, today the children enjoyed the following play-based learning experiences:

  • Based on the children’s fascination/interest with bugs, insects and snakes last week, we extended this learning today to incorporate large tree branches, assorted, life-sized bugs and insects, and magnifying glasses for them to play with /explore – activities such as this promote give and take conversation/language extension. In addition, children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, and skills such as researching and investigation. Jaxon, Harvey, Harley and Asher were particularly curious about the many different bugs/insects they found!
  • Practising/refining out hand-eye coordination/fine-motor skills by screwing large nuts and bolts together – Kaylee persisted quite well at this task, managing to attach bolts securely – good work!
  • Using “loose parts” (wooden sticks, coloured stones, feather, bobbins, seashells and river stones) to create, to stretch our imaginations and to refine our engineering skills. Indi and Marlie worked cooperatively together to create a fairy forest. They also enjoyed listening to the “Sea” by placing seashells against their ear. Harvey, Maia, Ella, Harley, Ellie, William, Ivy and Zahra also spent a lot of time at the “Loose part” table, making a wonderful series of unique creations

  • Small group story time with Miss Dominique – a popular choice for Arlo, Zander, Marlie and Indi
  • Matching/sorting coloured shapes/animals to corresponding picture cards – great concentration and fantastic matching William, Harley and Kaylee in particular

Please enjoy today’s photos. We hope you all have a lovely evening. Until tomorrow, take care!

Love from Miss Donna and Miss Dominique XX