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Good afternoon to our Pre-Kindy families! It was such a refreshing change to have milder temperatures today. This enabled many of us to have a turn on the big swing earlier this morning, singing lots of different songs as we went. Children’s favourites included “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, “Wash your face with orange juice”, “Heyde Ho” and “Kookaburra sits in an old gum tree”.  We also worked our larger (gross) muscles by doing several laps around the bike track on our scooters and trikes.

Once we came inside, we settled onto the group mat for stories, action songs, and learning more about germs. Miss Donna used glitter to show how germs (even though invisible) can easily spread from one person to the next. As the children shook the hand of the person next to them, or touched them, the glitter seemed to spread like magic – just like germs can! This led to us all going to the bathroom to wash our hands for morning tea, where it was emphasised to the children how to wash the top of their hands, in between their fingers, and also their palms. As part of the Early Years Learning Framework, it is important for us all to help children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.

After a yummy morning tea consisting of yoghurt, Granola and assorted fruits, the children immersed themselves in some or all of the following play-based activities:

  • Collage with yellow and green glue, paintbrushes, scissors and eucalyptus leaves from the large tree in our outside playground. Harvey, Harley, Ivy, Maia, Ella, William, Kaylee, Lily, India and Arlo really enjoyed this activity, especially when they used scissors to cut the leaves and small stems. Cutting with scissors really helps to build fine motor strength (the little muscles in your child’s hands), hand-eye coordination (cutting requires that children use their eyes and hands in unison) and improves overall focus and attention.
  • Office role play with keyboards, telephones and writing pads. Chi, William, Oli, Marlie, Ellie and Ella really enjoyed this opportunity today – the was lots of “conversations” taking place across the table, and memos being typed out at breakneck speed! Play situations such as this provide a great opportunity for children to practice and extend upon their expressive language skills.
  • Inspecting insects and bugs with magnifying glasses – once again, a huge hit with Jaxon, Asher and Zander. Joining them in their fascination today was Lily, Marlie and Ella as well.
  • Other fun activities included playdough(throughly enjoyed by Lily and Jaxon) and working with loose parts (which Marlie loves – her tower made from wood cutoffs today was amazing!)

We truly hope you enjoy todays blog and the pictures. Until tomorrow, please take care everyone! Much love, Miss Dominique and Miss Donna xxx