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Happy Tuesday

The Pre-Kindergarten children were excited to welcome so more friends back into kindy today. This morning they all did an amazing job at drop offs and didn’t take long to warm up. After a big run around outside and getting a bit sweaty from the heat, we came inside to enjoy the cool air, having a big drink of water to then transition to the group time mat. We sang a couple of our favourite tunes and Miss TJ read ‘King Pig’ which was a story about a pig that was quite greedy and learns how to be kind. They all loved it!

During activity time the children continued to explore their new environment, learning how to play with their new toys with guidance from Miss TJ and Miss Parminder.They chose to explore the home corner, test their problem solving skills while building a train track for the trains, doing free drawing with the thick pencils, building homes and vehicles with the connector blocks and enjoying moulding and shaping the pink sparkly playdough that was requested by a Georgina and Amelia.

Before lunch we had another group time where we sang ‘Old Mac Donald’ while Miss TJ used the farm animal puppets and then we went around the circle sharing with everyone our name.The children loved the name sharing experience yesterday so much that we decided to do it again today and will try and implement it over the next few weeks. It gives the children the opportunity to build some confidence and learn each others names.

We had a much needed rest and are excited to explore some more this afternoon

Have a great afternoon.

Miss TJ and Miss Parminder x