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Our Story…

We began our day in the playground saying goodbye to our mums and dads and going off to have a play around the play area. Miss Madie and Miss Tania were in Pre-Kindy today with all the happy children. After the children had a big play in the morning, we came inside and sat on the mat with Miss Madie. Miss Madie read the roll and said good morning to everyone individually before going around and asking everyone what they would like to do during activity time and wrote down their answers:

  • Arlo- “Puzzles”
  • Hazel- “Painting my friend Amayah”
  • Amayah- “Painting Hazel”
  • Dylan- “Playdough”
  • Kianni- “painting and playdough”
  • Oliver- “Drive some cars”
  • Theo- “cars”
  • Eva- “Playdough”
  • Genevieve- “Painting”
  • Xavier- “Cars”
  • Marshall- “cars”
  • Henry- “puzzles”
  • India- “Playdough”
  • Charlotte- “Playdough”
  • Mace- “Playdough”’

Miss Madie transitioned the children to the table for morning tea by asking how they would like to be as they transitioned to the table (anything they wanted to be):

  • Tiptoes- Arlo, Dylan and Oliver
  • Mermaids- Amayah, Hazel, Charlotte, Eva, India, Henry and Kianni
  • T- Rex- Marshall and Xavier
  • Crocodile- Theo
  • Clown- Genevieve
  • Spikey animal- Mace

While the Pre-Kindy children ate their delicious morning tea, Miss Madie made some playdough and organised the paint and painting easel. Miss Tania placed puzzles and blocks on the tables and blocks and cars on the mat. The children explored all around the room and had so much fun. Miss Madie also put on ‘kidz bop’ music and Charlotte and India were having a lovely dance together; they had moves!!

After a big play, we helped to pack away the toys and we sat on the mat with Miss Madie. Miss Madie told the children about a horse race that was happening today, and the children got to choose a number out of a basket, Miss Madie loved how the children closed their eyes to choose their special number from the basket. Miss Madie said the children could have their own running race after rest time today and they all loved this idea!

We ventured out for a little play in the sandpit before lunch and rest time.

Happy Tuesday!