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Good afternoon everyone! Today our friends were very involved in playing with the following:

  • (Children’s choice – manipulative play): Peg boards and coloured pegs – Ellie, Asher Ollie spent a lot of time with their pegboards making very detailed pictures from a selection of big and small pegs. Ollie said “I’ve made a rainbow!”, Ellie said hers was “lots of marshmallows”, whilst Zander said that his was “a butterfly”. Such great persistence, imagination and concentration friends!
  • (Children’s choice – construction/pre-maths skills): Construction with large Lego blocks – Ivy and Asher were both very busy making tall towers side by side, placing and fitting together a selection of big and small blocks, whilst Arlo scattered the blocks around him, lay down in the middle, fluttered his arms up and down and said “I’m an angel!”- very creative Arlo!
  • (Children’s choice – role play/ imaginary play): William was very busy completing several household duties; he cooked up a “yummy breakfast” and ironed some clothes at the ironing board – great work William! Kaylee and Indi had fun together playing “mummy and baby”; Kaylee was a very nurturing mother to her baby Indi, covering her gently in a blanket and giving her a baby bottle
  • (Children’s choice – language and literacy): Reading Nook book corner- Our new reading corner is becoming a popular choice amongst our friends when they want to read by themselves or with a friend. Today the area was very much enjoyed by Indi, Ivy, Jamal, Harvey, Ollie, Ivy, Ella and Arlo, with the favourite books being read today including a book about spiders, and a book about spotting an orange dog and other sorts of interesting animals. So lovely to see the children already beginning to understand this is a quiet and respectful space, and the way they are carefully treating their books is fantastic!
  • (Children’s choice – manipulative): Playdough with loose parts – Lily had a wonderful time creating a 3-D structure from playdough, seashells, wooden bits and river stones. You looked so happy and proud Lily!
  • (Intentional teaching – art/craft/fine motor skills): Collage with coloured glue, cut up straws, coloured paper bits and matchsticks. Ollie was very creative today and made a bumblebee from straws and black lengths of paper. Great work Ollie! Harvey was also very industrious, as was Ellie, both applying lots of coloured glue to their paper before adding several different collage pieces on top
  • (Intentional Teaching – cognitive skills): Colour matching assorted objects to coloured circles. This was a popular activity with Jamal, Lily and Ivy especially. Jamal was thrilled to find lots of red trucks to match onto red circles, whilst Lily found several purple rabbits to match onto purple circles. Lily also talked about her own pet rabbit at home, and bounced the purple rabbits across the table, saying “hop, hop, hoppity hop!” Ivy found lots of orange horses to put onto her orange circles.

Group time (music and movement, rhymes and rhythm sticks): When asked, today the children wanted to sing “A Ram Sam Sam”, ‘Inanay” and “Miss Mary Mack”. We all clapped, sang, rolled our hands and used our tapping sticks…so much fun!

Until tomorrow everyone, please enjoy today’s blog. Enjoy your evening!

Take care, Miss Donna and Miss Livia 😊