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Good afternoon to all our Pre Kindy families. We’ve enjoyed many fun activities today, including chalk drawing on the easels outdoors this morning. Other outdoor activities were, bike races, sandpit play, listening to stories on the cushions & counting cars as they passed by. Once inside we discovered more activities such as clay modelling, where some of us created monsters with lots of spikes & googly eyes… we enjoyed this activity because we discovered that moulding clay is a different feeling to moulding play dough & the boys chatted about how they had to use their big strong muscles. Also on offer today was, stamp painting with cylinders, home area kitchen,  threading, the coloured counters, that we had to match to the dominos, baby doll play, songs, and Miss Lyn read us two books called ‘Jungle Bullies’ & ‘The Crocodile Beat’ … we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow… love from Miss Lyn & Miss Donna 😊💕💕😊