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Hello Pre-Kindy families and carers…welcome to Wednesday, and it is World Kindness Day! Today in our room we discussed what it means to be kind to other people, to animals, and to our environment. Eva suggested that it means giving someone a hug, whilst Reid suggested that it means sharing. Xavier said it was important to feed our animals, and Amayah suggested it means to not hurt people. We also read a story about kindness called, “The Last Stop on Market Street”, written by Matt de la Pena.

Once again today, we kept all the children indoors from 9.15 a.m. as we are still experiencing poor air quality because of the bushfires. Luckily, for our early children, we had a bit of outdoor time, playing with trucks, the sandpit, and bikes.

During indoor time, we had a variety of play-based activities available, including:

  • Small Lego construction
  • Playdough with shells and wobbly wooden sticks
  • Dolls with beds and baby bottles (very popular with Braxton and Indi, where Indi ended up becoming the baby!)
  • Easel painting with thin brushes, and acrylic paints
  • Kitchen corner (especially enjoyed by Theo and Arlo, who cooked up a storm!)
  • Assorted magnet boards
  • Geo boards with coloured elastic bands to create geometrical patterns


We also had some fun group activities today, including:

  • Funky, current dance tunes alongside games of “Freeze and Bop”, “The Rhythm Game” and “Musical Chairs” – the children had a ball and managed to really shake their wiggles out….as did Mr G, Miss Gabbi and Miss Donna too!
  • Story telling: an oral telling of “The Gingerbread Man” as told by Miss Donna

We discussed once again how we can recycle certain items to reuse for other things in our Pre-Kindy room, such as cardboards rolls, glass jars, sponges and paper.

We sincerely hope you all enjoy your day today. See you soon!

Love, Miss Donna and Mr G (Ginner) x