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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy families 🙂 

Happy Wednesday! We are now halfway through our week and Kindy and we are having an amazing day so far! Miss Emma was kind enough to organise a coffee van for parents and educators to get their dose of caffeine this morning, so we hope you managed to get yourself a warm beverage! 

This morning we welcomed Ivy, Ryan, Harrison, Amelia, Harper, Avila, Henry, Colton, Finley, Lily, Billy, Lachlan and Madelyn. We started our morning off with some indoor activities which saw Ivy, Ryan and Miss Tiffany building robots out of lego pieces, it is safe to say when it comes to creativity the children have more of it then Miss Tiffany. We then headed outside to explore and burn some energy. Ryan, Harrison and Miss Tiffany were playing with the hula hoops, spinning them around their bodies and also trying to do it around their arms. Colton spent his morning with some friends from Senior Kindy after finding his beloved green dump trucks. Avila, Madelyn, Harper and Finley were all around the bike track playing on the bikes and scooters. 

Wednesday is also soccer morning so amongst our outdoor play those who participate in soccer went off and participated and then rejoined us. 

We then headed inside for some morning tea and free play. During morning tea Miss Tiffany told a story about a little girl who wanted to see the world, in order to see the world she had to go on all forms of transportation in order to get around. The children listened as they enjoyed their yummy food. We then went straight into free play with Ryan, Lachlan, Finley, Ivy and Billy heading for the jungle to play with the animals. Harrison, Henry and Colton keep themselves occupied with the cars and trucks whilst Madelyn, Harper, Lily, Avila and Amelia all taking turns dressing up as princesses. Colton and Henry then decided that they wanted to go on an adventure, so they got all the chairs in the classroom lined up and made a bus. They then invited all their friends to join them as they headed to the beach for a swim. Harrison made the comment “we need to go to the red and yellow flags” We then transitioned from a bus to a train where Harper then became the driver, asking everyone to buckle up to be safe. As we journeyed through the classroom they all took turns driving, taking their luggage with them as they enjoyed their morning adventures. 

Our afternoon will see us enjoy our lunch, have a rest and then get ourselves ready for the afternoon ahead. 

We hope that you have all had a great day and we look forward to seeing all of our friends tomorrow 🙂 

With love Miss Tiff and Miss Bek