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Hello everyone, and welcome to Wednesday in our Pre-Kindy room! We would like to welcome Jamal who started with us today, and to also say a big “welcome back” to Arlo who has been on an extended holiday. So lovely to have you both with us 😊

Today we played indoors as we have lots of new astroturf being placed in the outdoor space. It was very exciting for the children to watch (from behind the safety of our doors) the remaining grass being dug up, pavers being laid, and lots of new pebbles being laid and shovelled in preparation. This provided us with a good opportunity to discuss the different tools and machinery being used.

During story group time we read a funny book about animals being dressed up in human clothing, and we also read a story about growing up. We also did lots of dancing and singing today, along with the aide of colored streamers, shakers, castanets and bells – some of the favourites included a song from the movie “Frozen” a groovy song called “Happy”, and a Hawaiian rendition of “Somewhere over the rainbow” – it was lots of fun trying to do Hula dancing – great job Marlie and Oli in particular!

During the day, the children chose to have the following activities made available:

  • Wooden doll’s house (Marlie, Oli, Indi and Ella’s choice)
  • Cars and car mat road tiles (William and Arlo’s choice)
  • Painting with acrylic paints and thin paintbrushes (Ivy, Indi, Jamal and Ellie’s choice)
  • Playing with magnetised fishing rods and trying to catch various sea animals (Jamal’s choice)
  • Playing with playdough, rolling pins and cookie cutters (William, Asher and Zander’s choice)
  • Drawing at the giant chalkboard (Ellie, Indi, Asher and Zander’s choice)

All the children contributed to packing away and tidying up during our transition from activities to lunch – great teamwork so early in the new year – well done everyone!

We hope you enjoy the photos of your child’s day, and that you all have a lovely evening

Until tomorrow, much love, Miss Dominique and Miss Donna xxx