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Good Morning Pre-Kindy Families 😊

Middle of the week and what a start it has been. We just wanted to take the time to thank all of the children in the Pre-Kindy classroom the last few weeks has seen us get new friends as well as had friends transition up from Senior Kindy and we have all been so warm and welcoming.

Miss Bek was away today, so joining Miss Tiffany was Miss Jade. Just another friendly reminder to please leave all home toys at home. We do not want children coming into the classroom with toys of their own so can we please keep these at home or in the car.

This morning we welcomed Madelyn, Harry, Ryan, Myla, Ivy, Harrison, Colton, Bjorn, Lachlan, Aleksandar, Harper, Lily, Henry and Finley. This morning we had soccer this saw us break into groups and for those who do soccer headed off and those who do not stayed in the yard. Out in the yard Myla, Ivy and Harrison spent some time in the mud kitchen, Bjorn, Ryan and Lachlan were playing tag and catch this morning while Colton, Henry, Finley spent time with the trucks playing with friends from Senior Kindy. Madelyn and Lily joined Miss Tiffany in exploring the yard were we went all through the different areas. Harry was walking the fence line where he found a big bull frog sitting outside the fence, so he came and told all our friends so we all headed over to have a look.

We then headed inside form morning tea, as we washed and dried our hands then made our way to the tables. This morning we had Berry Slice served with watermelon and bananas. As we finished our food we then backed away and selected our own activities to play with. Miss Tiffany then invited the class to join her for group time, those who wanted to rushed over as we listened to an audio book titled “The little red fire truck”. We then talked about fire and what we should do when there is a fire. Miss Tiffany taught us that if we should ever have fire on us we must Stop, Drop and Roll to put it out and then stay low and crawl to safety. We then invited those who wanted to participate to paint their very own Fire Truck.

As the days goes on we played with a variety of different areas, our transportation corner be a favourites for Henry, Aleksandar and Colton. We had play dough as well as puzzles all in use this morning.

Lunch is just around the corner and we look forward to the yummy food! As well as out time to rest and recover before the afternoon arrives.

Have a great day!