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Hello everyone, and welcome to Wednesday!

I wish to start today’s blog by mentioning that we appear to have some midges and/or mosquitoes about at present. We are doing our best to keep the children’s skin covered with insect repellent, but please bear in mind its contents are naturally based, as distinct from the other type of non-natural ingredients found in Aerogard, Rid, or the like. In addition, we also have soothing creams such as Savlon and Stingose on hand that we can apply when children are scratching. Please advise if your child cannot tolerate our soothing creams, should they need them.

Today we had a variety of play-based activities available, including playdough with matchsticks, small stones and googly eyes, wooden trains and train tracks, watercolour paints and salt (what happens to the salt when it mixes with water?), insects and bugs (non-real!) on a big branch with magnifying glasses, easel painting, and tea sets in the home corner.

In addition, we were very pleased to have Henry bring in his carpet python snakeskin! The children were very intrigued, and when held up, it was over 180cm long.  Thank you so much Henry.

Kianni also bought in cupcakes to share with her friends, as tomorrow is her 4th birthday. Happy, happy birthday Kianni! We all sang a special birthday song as well. We hope you have a lovely day 😊

We hope you enjoy our pictures from today, and that you are all safe and well.

Until tomorrow, take care!


Love from Miss Donna and Miss Lyn xxxx