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Good afternoon Pre-Kindy families and friends. We have had a lovely Wednesday here at Riversdale today. Thankfully we received some rain last night that may help our new grass grow.

During the early morning outside playtime, Mr G (from the Kindy room) made a lot of paper planes for the children to fly around outside which was very much enjoyed – especially by Braxton and Mace. Also, on offer early this morning were the bikes and trikes, the cubbyhouse with lounges, books and dress ups, plastic boats in the big blue water trough, drawing with crayons, playing with plastic cars on the large road/motorway cut out, and farm animals in the sandpit.

In addition, soccer was also available for Reid, Oli, Xavier (who is a fantastic ball kicker!) and Braxton, who was very keen to try it out today.

Once inside our room for mid-morning activities, the following play-based experiences were available:

  • White clay with wooden loose parts and plastic knives (which Mace, Theo and Arlo particularly enjoyed)
  • Playdough with rolling pins, cookie cutters and pipe cleaners (lots of fun was had by Otto, India, Hazel, Ellie and Coen)
  • Collage, paintbrushes and PVC glue (enjoyed especially by Kianni and India)
  • Painting with cotton bugs and acrylic paints (Amayah, Eva, Kianni and India enjoyed painting today)
  • Tetris shape templates with a variety of matching/ differently shaped wooden pieces (Oli and Coen completed a few of these without assistance)
  • Assorted puzzles in quiet corner (Charlotte and Amayah spent time completing two puzzles each)
  • Baby dolls, teddies, cots, cradles, baby bottles, picnic table setup in home corner (a big hit with Theo, Henry, Eva, Charlotte,
  • Playing with shaving foam on the large perspex board on the outside verandah (a favourite of both Reid and Marshall)
  • Sea animals floating in blue coloured, sudsy water in the big blue trough on the outside verandah (Xavier and Braxton especially enjoyed this)
  • Dinosaurs, sand, sawdust, rocks and trees in the hexagonal black trough on the outside verandah (enjoyed by all!)

Found playing together often today were Henry and Charlotte (who really enjoy each other’s company in the home corner – lots of giggles!, and when riding bikes outside), Arlo and Theo (who are forging a new friendship and mutual love of art/craft activities, dinosaurs and story books), and Mace and Otto (who enjoy playing together/cooking imaginary meals in the sandpit).

A reminder that Kindy photos are being taken tomorrow and Friday.

We also have our “Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show” taking place tomorrow at 9.30am. If your child is attending tomorrow and you have not yet returned your child’s permission slip, could you please do so in the morning before the show commences.

Until tomorrow, please enjoy your evening, and take care

Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Lyn xx