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Good afternoon Pre Kindy families and carers – goodness, what a warm day it has been today! We have ensured that all the children have had lots of water and juicy fruit to keep them well hydrated.

Can I please respectfully remind parents to avoid putting your children in singlet tops or dresses with spaghetti straps/sleeveless as this increases the chance of your child being burnt. Please also ensure that you apply sunscreen and your child’s hat if you arrive after we are already outside in the morning.

Today we had extended play time indoors to avoid becoming too overheated. Some of the activities enjoyed today included:

  • Cutting up Christmas brochures with scissors and pasting pictures onto large sheets of paper – this got the children quite excited, and Amayah, Eva, Kianni and Hazel started singing Christmas songs!
  • Threading large wooden blocks onto long shoelaces: Braxton and Narla worked together to create what Braxton described as a “very long snake”
  • Large Lego construction – Charlotte, Otto, India and Ava made lots of very tall towers
  • Stickle Brick construction – Xavier very proudly explained that he had made a “Santa House”, whilst Otto made a rather complex plane
  • Hospital role play in home corner: we had so many unwell patients today – including a llama that Hazel was tending to, as well as checking the “heartbeat” in Henry’s eye! ! Amayah did a great job of bandaging up Ava’s sore wrist, whilst Arlo and Theo had lots of fun wearing the latex surgical gloves
  • There was great engineering happening in the Pre-kindy room today, with Marshall, Reid, Xavier, Ava, Theo and Arlo all chipping in to make some great trackwork
  • Narla made a fantastic birthday cake with playdough and coloured paddle pop sticks, Indi made playdough sausages, and Oli made a big biscuit

Boy oh boy, such a productive and happy day today! Until tomorrow everyone, have a very enjoyable evening.

Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xxxx