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Good Afternoon Families,

Welcome to Wednesday daily blog, we hope that all families have had a good start to the week and are looking forward to the long weekend 🙂 Remember that Kindy will not be opened Monday 26th April.

This morning the outside yard was filled with smiles and laughs from all children who joined us, we had Harry, Myla, Aleksandar, Ariana, Delilah, Bjorn, Ryan, Lachlan, Romney, Amelia, Avila, Conall, Harper, Latika, Colten and Chanel.

Outside this morning we had friends playing on the gymnastic equipment, where they were practicing their balancing skills and then doing a some cool tricks as they jumped off on to the matts. We had some children doing some outdoor role play where they had a cafe set up and were selling food. Miss Tiffany asked Ryan for a ham and cheese croissant in which he obliged, she then asked if he wanted in anything in return, Ryan said no, lucky for him he had Miss Bek looking out for him and she talk to Ryan about receiving money for the food. He then proceed to ask Miss Tiffany for some money. Bjorn, Lachlan, Avila and Delilah were all round and then all took turns taking orders from Ryan and then giving him money for his food.

Throughout the morning we also had our friends go off and participate in soccer.

Transition into morning tea went really well this morning we all took turns washing our hands and then sitting down with our water bottles, we had Fresh Fruit and and out awesome rawsome energy bars.

Todays activities were self selected by the children, we had a lot wanting to sit and read with Miss Dom, others played with the assortment of animals where they did some role play with these animals. As it is ANZAC day on Friday (for Kindy) we have decided to get the children to collage poppies so that we can create a display on our window in the foyer area, for this Miss Tiffany needed to cut up a lot of paper in preparation, she asked if anyone would like to help she was blown away with the amount of little helpers she received. So Miss Tiffany and her helpers got some scissors and red paper and worked on their motor skills as we cut. Miss Tiffany showing the children how to hold the scissors in a safe and effective way in order to cut.

On Friday we will be doing a little ceremony for ANZAC day where we will also hold a minute silence for all those who gave their lives to protect Australia and New Zealand. We will also have an arrange of learning experience for the children to participate.

Today the children attempted to make their beds, today was a little harder then normal as they all wanted to head outside for free play, so we did the best we could and Miss Tiffany finished them off.

Outside before lunch we did some dancing, we played “the floor is lava” the alphabet freeze as well as playing some frozen music to sing and dance to. Ariana and Aleksander went flower picking and Harry and Chanel spent their time in the mud kitchen.

Lunch today was Mie Goreng fried noddle salad with our daily salad bar, we had a few children try the noddle salad and they loved it ! Others were a bit hesitant to try but they all had plenty of food from the salad bar.

It has been a really great day today, once again we ask to please leave all toys at home and to label all children’s clothing. We will have at the front of the classroom all of our lost property items, please have a look through when you come to collect your child lost belongings.

We also ask if everyone could please check at home for their Kindy Hats! We have a number of children who come to Kindy without a hat we need to please remember to bring hats everyday as it is a part of our sun safe policy. We are wanting to children to take their hats home everyday and then bring them in the following day.

Regards Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany