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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families 🙂 

Happy Wednesday and happy hump day! We hope you have all had a good day and are looking forward to the afternoon ahead with you little ones. 

This morning we welcomed Lachlan, Bjorn, Ryan, Myla, Billy, Harrison, Ivy, Avila, Amelia, Harper, Finley, Madelyn, Lilly, Henry and Colton. We had a few hard drop offs this morning but all the children have settled well 🙂 

This morning we started off our morning off in the classroom, with Ryan and Ivy joining us first. Ivy and Ryan got involved with some of the schoolies in a game of find the fidget spinner, they took turns hiding it in the classroom then the others had to try and find it. Myla then joined us and along with Ivy they spent some time building with our kit that is filled with nuts, bolts, wood sticks, Ivy built a robot and Myla built a house. We then headed outside where we were joined by the rest of our friends. Harrions, Lachlan, Bjorn and Colton who spent their morning building blocks and climbing in an out of our water trolly. Avila, Amelia, Billy, Myla and Madelyn spent their morning in and out of the tree house climbing up the netting to race down the slides. Finley, Henry and Lily headed for the bikes as they raced around the bike tracks with Miss Tiffany. Whilst all of this fun was happening; Colton, Harper, Billy, Harrison, Finley all participated in soccer. Ameila also joined them today and Avila made the decision to not participate.  

We then headed inside to wash and dry our hands before heading into the classroom, we collected our drink bottles and then took a seat and helped ourselves to some yummy food. After morning tea was the bug show!!!! Bug Kidz run by Miss Lea had everything to offer, we did some learning, we did some dancing, we had fun and then we got to meet and touch some bugs! During the show we were joined by a Grasshopper, Stick insect, Daisy the cow, a caterpillar and Bud the dung bug. Miss Lea and the caterpillar showed us the process of metamorphosis, this is when the caterpillar takes a sleep and whilst they sleep they turn into a butterfly. When Daisy the cow came along she said hello and sung us a song, when she left she did a very big smelly poo!!! The children all laughed with so much excitement and filth when they realised she had pooped. Bud the dung beetle then came along and explained that he loves poo, he even eats it! With disgust the children let out a big EWWWWWW!!!!

At the completion of the show we were then lucky enough that Miss Lea brought the bugs into our classroom so we could meet them and if we were feeling brave enough we could touch them ! 

Our yummy meals for the day; 

Fruit toast served with jelly and fresh fruit

Thai veggie balls served with a noodle salad and salad bar

 Blueberry Crumble bar served with fresh fruit

The afternoon will see us enjoy lunch, rest time and then afternoon tea before heading outside to soak up some vitamin d. – With love Miss Tiff and Miss Bek