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Hello everyone, and welcome to Wednesday in the Pre-Kindy room!

Today we had a very special treat – Go-Kart riding….it was so much fun! Once everyone had their sun cream and safety helmets on, we all chose a Go Kart to sit and do our very best to pedal hard to move forward and around the circuit – a great learning experience for developing our large/gross muscle coordination and strength. The children all really enjoyed themselves and wanted to do it over and over.

We also enjoyed talking about Australian animals that live in the bush. The animals that most children were interested in talking about were snakes, scorpions and spiders. As we transitioned off to the bathroom to wash our hands for morning tea, the children all became large, hissing snakes, slithering and sliding along the floor…we had some fantastic snakes in our room!

In addition, today the children enjoyed the following play-based learning experiences:

  • Quiet reading with friends in the book corner
  • Drawing with pencils, crayons and textas on paper, and/or using scissors and glue sticks
  • Making birthday cakes with playdough
  • Building with small wooden blocks
  • Construction with small Lego
  • Playing with assorted dinosaurs at the indoor sand trough

Please enjoy today’s photos, and we shall see you all again tomorrow at our BBQ between 5-6 Pm!

Love from Miss Donna and Miss Dominique XX