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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families,

Apologies to all those who missed the blog yesterday, Miss Tiffany was writing it when the power went out and by the time it turned back on our undivided attention was on the children for the afternoon. Tonight, there will be a total Luna eclipse so if your little ones are late sleepers they may find it interesting to watch.

This morning we welcomed Avila, Lily, Lachlan, Bjorn, Ryan, Colton, Harper, Harrison, Billy, Harry, Ivy, Romney, Amelia and Madelyn. It was Madelyn’s first day at Kindy today and our fellow friends did such a great job at welcoming her. Madelyn has had a great first day at Kindy. We started off the morning with our outdoor time, with our friends playing in the sand pit digging holes and hiding treasure. We had some friends on the bike track and others in the mud kitchen whipping up a storm. Wednesday is also soccer day, so those who are signed up went away in group to practice and learn new skills.

We then transitioned into morning tea we had a delightful fruit platter. The children then broke off into groups to do play in different areas, Amelia and Madelyn headed to home corner where they put dress ups on a made some food for one another. Bjorn, Ryan and Lachlan were playing with the dinosaurs, from what was observed they were taking the dinosaurs on an adventure scaring everything around them. Colton headed over to the calm corner when he got out the basket of books and was selling them to his fellow classmates, Harry, Avila, Lily, Billy and Romney all purchasing a book, Miss Tiffany even purchased a book and then had read the story “What happens to all the poo from the Zoo”. This is a book the children love, the laugh at every page! At the end of the story we then learnt about fertiliser and food for plants.

We then headed outside for some free play before lunch time, we had playdough and kinetic sand out that they all took turns playing. Miss Tiffany was chatting to Harrison who said “I went to space today, he went on a rocket ship and it blasted off”. Harrison, Harper, Amelia and Avila all raced off to the top of the hill were all standing in their rocket ship waving to all the cars driving past on earth as they blasted up. We then transitioned inside for our lunch and rest time.

Food for the day:

Morning Tea: Fruit platter consisting of Watermelon, Blueberries, Strawberries, Banana served with yoghurt.

Lunch: Deconstructed Sushi bowl, served with a salad bar and chicken for those who have opted in for lean meat.

We look forward to seeing all our friends tomorrow and wish you all a good evening.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany