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Good afternoon Pre-Kindy families. We hope you have had an enjoyable Wednesday so far. Today we have needed to stay indoors until 3 pm today due to smoke haze and poor air quality. Rest assured, there has been lots of music, movement, stories and games etc., in addition to lots of interesting activities to keep everyone focused and happy throughout the day.

After morning tea today, we had a 40 minute group time that consisted of the following:

  • We looked at pictures of animals, and then we matched up their X-Rays – it was so much fun! The X-Ray of a Wallaby looked very much like a T-Rex, according to Amayah, Xavier and Reid. Following this, we held up a variety of frames to our face – each was a different character or animal – everyone thought this was a hoot!
  • We then played games of “Ten Cheeky Monkeys” and “Five Little Speckled Frogs” – lots of great participation Pre-Kindy!
  • The following fun activities were available today for the children to engage with:
  • Red and White Playdough – brought in today by Oli’s family – thank you so much for your contribution 🙂
  • Making paper chain Christmas decorations for our room – this was a bit tricky for some of our friends at first, but with some perseverance, many had success – great concentration Narla, Charlotte, Amayah, Eva, Hazel and Ava especially!
  • Making Christmas trees from green paper, glue, glitter, pom poms and sequins
  • New puzzles we borrowed from our friends in the Kindy room – great concentration Henry, Charlotte and Amayah
  • Marshall and Reid spent a good 20 minutes together in book corner reading to each other – they really love their books!
  • Narla and Eva spent lots of fun playtime together in kitchen corner, along with Kianni and Indi

Until tomorrow folks, enjoy the rest of your day/evening.

Much love, Miss Amanda and Miss Donna xx