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Good afternoon families 🙂

Happy Wednesday! Thank you all so much for amazing drop off this morning the children were all so much more settled which we love to see. This morning we welcomed Harry, Ryan, Myla, Colten, Avila, Harrison, Harper, Lachlan, Bjorn, Delila, Latika, Ivy, Amelia and Conall.

Out in the yard this morning we had different areas set up for the children, today we had an artistic corner where children were able to draw pictures on easels, we had a reading corner set up with chair and pillows to sit and relax whilst reading a story, we had the bikes and scooters out as they are favourites as well as the gymnastic equipment. This morning we set up the gymnastic area up a little differently then normal and it was a hit with the children, they loved how they were able to walk up  one side and follow the path around, or they had the opportunity to practice their jumping skills and land on the mats below. Miss Tiffany would often sit on the bridges to block the path of the children so that they would have to use their problem solving skills to find a way around, they all really enjoyed the challenge, most deciding to go around Miss Tiffany others deciding to go over. We also had soccer on today, so those friends who do soccer went off and enjoyed this.

As morning tea neared we then transitioned inside, getting the children to practice washing and drying their hands, wet your hands, 1 pump of soap, rub rub rub and the rinse and dry. We then went straight into morning tea where we had our healthy protein balls served with some bananas.

This morning the children were so full of energy that we skipped group time to allow for the children to explore their interest. In the classroom we had drawings taking place, which was selected by Harrison, Myla and Ameila. We had our puzzles out in full force with Bjorn, Ryan, Lachlan, Avila, Harrison all taking turns to complete one with Miss Tiffany’s help. Harper, Latika were in the home corner playing with the dolls and all the cooking utensils. Ivy, Conall, Harry, Colten and Delila were all sitting with Miss Crystal playing with the dominos.

We then took turns making our beds and getting ourselves ready to head outside. Today with the help of Miss Crystal all children made their own beds as well as put their own sunscreen on. We have been working a lot with the children to further develop their self-help skills. Todays lunch was pumpkin soup with our salad bar and some toasted bread.

This afternoon we will look to do group time if the children are eager to learn more about the solar systems have some yummy afternoon tea and then outside for some fun.

We look forward to seeing all parents at pick up and all of our friends who will join us tomorrow at kindy.

From Miss Bek, Miss Crystal and Miss Tiffany