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Good Afternoon Pre-Kindy Families 

Happy Hump day 🙂 Welcome to Wednesday’s blog! We hope you have all had a great day.

This morning we welcomed Ivy, Ryan, Lachlan, Bjorn, Harrison, Myla, Henry, Avila, Harper, Colton and Finley. Starting our morning off in the classroom Ryan joined in with the schoolies in a game of hide and seek as Ryan counted to 20 Jordan and Lucas hid amongst the furniture and waited to be found. Ivy wanted to play with playdough so we got some out with some scissors, cutters and shapes and started creating. Myla spent her morning with Alanis from Senior Kindy playing with the animals in the jungle. 

We then headed outside and were joined by Bjorn and Lachlan who then along with Ryan headed to the bike track to ride around on the scooters. Colton and Harrison then arrived at Kindy, Colton had a Bluey magazine with colouring pages and stickers he brought it outside along with some pencils and Harrison and Ivy joined him to colour in some pictures. Myla and Avila were in the sandpit playing on the monkey bars with Henry, Finley and Harper playing with a world globe. 

Today was soccer day today which saw Harper, Avila, Harrison, Colton, Ivy and Finley head off to participate. 

We then headed inside for morning tea and activity time; we washed and dried our hands, collected our drink bottles and enjoyed some yummy food. 

As we continue to explore Early Learning matters this week we took a look at the schema positioning; this schema sees children learning about order, logic and symmetry. They explore the concept of place and sequence. Miss T’arn joined us and put together a really cool experience. We had pasta, flour and coloured sand, lentils and black beans. They were all placed in individual containers the children were then introduced to it all and they went exploring. First to the experience was Harrison, Ivy, Colton and Finley, as they dived in using the spoons provided to start moving and mixing the different components together. As they explored this experience Bjorn, Lachlan and Ryan were inside participating in role play with the dinosaurs, they then all got curious and headed out to explore the experience themselves. Henry, Harper and Avila after finishing their morning tea joined the rest of the class as we combined textures and created new things. Avila taking a spoon full of pasta over to Miss Tiffany telling her “to eat up” Miss Tiffany obliged and pretended to eat the food, Avila stating “no for real eat it” so Miss Tiffany took a bit of the pasta which then lead to the whole class wanting to have a turn at trying some pasta! So much fun seeing experiences evolve and take on new directions. 

We then spent some time outdoors before heading in to enjoy some yummy lunch and took some time to rest our bodies.

Today meals; 

Fruit toast served with jelly and fresh fruit

Thai veggie balls served with a noodle salad and salad bar

 Blueberry Crumble bar served with fresh fruit


With love Miss Tiff, Miss Bek and Miss T’arn