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Good afternoon Pre-Kindy families and friends! Welcome to Wednesday at Riversdale.

Today we had a lovely time outside during the early morning. Indi was busy riding a bike, Eva was enjoying herself on the swing, Hazel was resting in the tunnel, Henry was having a nice time sitting in the outdoor treehouse chatting to Miss Jordan, Kianni was relaxing as she ate her apple, and Theo was playing with the giant tip truck…meanwhile, Otto and Braxton were making smoothies together in the sandpit 😊

Once inside, we practised our new action song again – “Miss Mary Mack” – it was lots of fun, and the children were entranced when Miss Amanda and Miss Donna attempted it as well. We did very, very fast hand actions. Charlotte and Braxton were also very well coordinated – great work!

Other activities enjoyed today included:

  • Bright red playdough with assorted cookie cutters
  • Insects, bugs and magnifying glasses – Theo and Arlo had lots of fun at this activity
  • “Tummy Ache” board game with Miss Gabbi, Eva, Amayah, Henry, Otto, Charlotte, Kianni and Reid – lots of wonderful turn-taking and sharing everyone
  • Making 3D pictures with coloured pegs and peg boards – especially enjoyed by Narla, Amayah, Henry and Oli
  • Painting at the easel with cotton buds and assorted paint colours – Indi became quite creative and decided to do a finger painting instead

Until tomorrow everyone, enjoy the rest of your day with your loved ones.

Much love, Miss Amanda and Miss Donna xxx