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Good afternoon Pre-Kindy families! Today we enjoyed a lot of early morning outside playtime – washing baby dolls and their clothes, easel painting, playing croquet, and of course, our Funky Feet Dance class with Miss Jenn! Charlotte and Mace enjoyed leaping through the air to the beat of various tunes, whilst Otto and Mariah really enjoyed shaking the maracas.

During our indoor play-based learning experiences, we painted with fluoro paints and fine paintbrushes, built lots of varying constructions and vehicles from Stickle Bricks, enjoyed story time with Miss Lyn, and created lots of caterpillars and other insects with our multi-coloured playdoughs and loose parts. Otto also created a very friendly yellow snowman!

Mace, Mariah, Eva and Ellie enjoyed playing with the doll’s house and relocating the furniture around to different rooms, and even placing it in outside locations. Ellie explained they were making a picnic on the “lawn” (green shag carpet) for the families.

Until next week, take care and enjoy your weekend!

Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Lyn xxx