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Good afternoon everyone. We have had a fun-filled day today at Riversdale. Pre-Kindy joined with Senior Kindy today as Miss Lyn is away.

During outside morning activities, soccer proved to be very popular, with both Tyler and Xavier having turns of being a “goalie”.

Equally, water play with sea animals was also very popular with KayleeReid and Braxton, especially when the giant whales and sharks came out! Reid and Braxton were very engaged in a game of chasing each other around the water trough – Braxton was the shark, and Reid was the humpback whale. Great cooperative play together boys!

Theo, Myah and Mace tried their hand at large pom pom threading – after initial educator input, all three children were able to competently thread lots of pom poms by themselves onto very long shoelaces.

The wooden train set also proved popular with Mia, Xavier, Mace and Braxton – the children made brigdes and long interconnecting tracks.

Painting in shades of blue and green was a hit with Hazel, Eva, both Ellies, Oli, Theo, Reid and Xavier. Reid explained that his was a picture of “a very deep ocean – see the dark water”. Xavier explained that he had painted the “sky, grass and water”.

Senior Kindy (Ellie and Mia), and Pre-Kindy Oli and Hazel were engrossed with the blue playdough – adding a variety of coloured stones, sea shells and small polished rocks to their designs.

Children’s choices for grouptime this morning included the funny Peter Coombs story – “Wash your face with orange juice” and singing along to the same song on youtube. In addition, the children enjoyed the story “”Mutt Dog”.

Just a reminder that if your child is attending the “Ocean Stars” show/presentation on Wednesday, could you please ensure that you have completed your child’s permission form before then.

In addition, there are still some outstanding re-enrolment forms for placement for next year. Could you please return your child’s completed forms ASAP to secure a place.

Until tomorrow, take care everyone, and have a safe and happy day!

Much love, Miss Donna and Miss TJ xxxx