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Hello Pre-Kindy families. Welcome to a beautiful Spring Thursday. This morning we started with a game of outdoor cricket which proved very popular with both Pre-Kindy and Kindy children. Other outdoor activities included making meals and cooking in the sandpit, giant Connect 4 (Lilly, Dylan and Genevieve enjoyed this), swinging under the fort (which Charlotte really enjoyed), and assorted musical instruments to play with. The drum was a hit with both Mariah and Braxton!

In addition, Arakan self-defence classes were once again popular with all the children. Mr Daniel is certainly increasing their upper body strength, defence responses, and running techniques.

Once indoors, the children enjoyed a variety of play-based experiences including red playdough with loose parts and plastic knives, cutting out “ARE U OK TODAY” emoticons and gluing them on to paper in honour of today being the national ARE YOU OK? DAY. Mace, Marshall, Xavier, Dylan, Lilly, Genevieve, Eva and Braxton enjoyed refining and practising their cutting skills immensely – lots of concentration and effort was invested…well done everyone!

We followed the yellow and black “OK” theme through with our circular printing/painting activity, and also drew happy versus sad faces on body/face templates, after Miss Donna asked the children to show the difference between happy and sad faces and feelings. We also talked about the importance of being a good friend to others.

Coen and Mariah enjoyed making boats with the stickle bricks, and Henry had a great time with Ellie and Eva in the home corner – feeding baby dolls and cooking up a storm.

Henry and Coen also enjoy making pictures out of wooden shapes, nails and corkboards, as did Ellie and Mariah.

Until tomorrow families and friends, keep safe and enjoy your evening.

Much love,

Miss Donna and Miss Lyn xxxx