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What an incredible Friday we have had here in babies 2 today! Miss Hope and Miss Otavia welcomed Liz, Cameron, Max, Thomas, Jackson, and Spencer with lots of big cuddles. We had a fun little play outside with all our favorite toys and outdoor equipment. After our fun adventure out in the yard we came inside for some yummy morning tea.

Today was our amazing Halloween party where the children got to partake in lots of fun filled and spooky activities. We started of the celebrations with jumping into our scary and creative costumes. Next off we had a little walk around our room, yard, and out the front door of the room to view all the spooky decorations we placed in our room for our Halloween party, including the children’s amazing artwork of ghost. Up next we took some photos with our new skeleton friend as the children gave him plenty of hello’s and waves. Shortly after that we had an exciting activity with goop, as we placed the red goop into a glove and tied it up for the children to touch and feel the goop from inside the gloves. after that fun experience we put on some exciting Halloween music to sing and dance to, to finish up our Halloween party.

Thank you all for such an amazing week and an awesome Halloween party. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween babies 2 families!

♥♥ Much love Miss Hope and Miss Otavia ♥♥


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October 30, 2020