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What a beautiful day we had in Babies 2 today!! Miss Hope and Miss Otavia welcomed Halle, Avery, Finley, Cameron, Liz, Noah with lots of cuddles. We spent most of the morning outdoors in the beautiful weather. After enjoying our yummy morning tea at the table with all our friends, we had some indoor play with music, playing all our favorite songs we like to sing and dance to while also playing our musical instruments.

For Halloween week started some fun spooky activities like painting our own ghosts. Liz, Cameron, Noah, Finley, Avery, and Halle really enjoyed this art activity, being able to create their very own ghost using the painting technique of sponge painting. For this painting we used white paint on a black piece of paper to represent a ghost in the night.

All the children have been doing an amazing job at packing away after themselves after every meal time and are slowly starting to remember where the utensils, washers and water bottles go without asking. Its awesome to see them improving their self-help skills.

Thank you all for an amazing start to the week!!

♥♥Much Love, Miss Hope and Miss Otavia♥♥


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October 26, 2020