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It was lovely to see the children at Before School this morning. The children played tag outdoors to help warm up. There were great moments to develop their hand & eye coordination with basketball plus throwing and catching the ball with friends. Chilled moments on the swing brand a sense of calmness. Once in doors the children voted to play a group game of silent ball. Loose parts play engaged Wynter & Billy to create a nature world with pebbles, paper, wooden sticks and wooden reels.  We transition to school with a game of limbo. Children voted for the song Timber.

This afternoon as part of the nature week the snails came back to visit. Engaging many children with sensory interactions.

We extended with our art and craft to make rainbow paper caterpillars. Experimenting with coloured water

onto paper towels that children had made from paper towels.  Have agreat day everyone ❤️💚🦋🌺😎 Miss Lea