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This morning the children Role plaed in the mud kitchen making fish and chips from bark. Hazel, Lucas, Wynter and violet then took turns of serving customers their fish and chip meals.

Balancing skills, gross motor development on the swing , scooters and bikes.

Lucas grabbed some glow in the dark slime from the prize box, redeeming his Riversdale money he has earns from positive choices. Children are becoming responsible for saving their money with mathematical skills. Creating their own envelope helps bring a sense of belonging.

Indoors we watched a Brain Buzz segment featuring Miss Lea. Helping to bring an awareness of the environmental significance of the important roles insects play in our world. Of course we then interacted with the snails which Ruby and Matilda commented that we will have at OSHC forever. 🐌❤️.  Construction of puzzles and a game of Jenga helped with cognitive skills. A quick game of silent ball and then Billy’s choice of song “Gohstbusters” to transition to school with Limbo.

This afternoon we continued with flower and poppy craft as part of the children’s request. Colouring and cutting to create cards and boquettes. Connector orbz and nail and hammer cork boards enhanced children’s creativity and fine motor skills.

🐌 Snail interactions helped bring a calmness as children took turnsbecoming aware of fairness.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC page, looking forward to future posts and incorporating gardening.

Best wishes to you all 💚🌺🦋❤️ Miss Lea