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Good Morning,
Lots of fun developing gross motor skills as everyone joined in a game of soccer before school. Top scoring Velcro target practices amazed the children of how accurately they can throw. A few friendly pats of the snails 🐌 helps to bring a sense of calmness. Taking turns of the baby snail shows how the children are becoming aware of fairness by taking turns.
Scarlet, Sienna, and Ruby made a play dough rainforest, incorporating various plastic animals. Creating family storyline’s where all the animals explored many adventures and various houses. Off to school
This afternoon we spotted the pumpkins on our vine as we transitioned to after school experiences. Painting in lines with brushes and sensory Easter painting with our fingers and hands. Ping pong challenges with friends and creative stories as children interacted with snails and toy dinosaurs.
Have a great day, 💚 Miss Lea and the schoolies 💚