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a lovely morning outdoors as children engaged in sensory painting experiences using their hands,  they made handprints flowers, rainbows, hearts and wrote messages into the paint.

Lucas and Hazel made a city in the sand, digging and creating walls. Jordan and Wynter created storyline’s in the treehouse using the toy plane, animals and cars. Indoors Wynter continued to play with toy animals as Xavier joined in.

lots of oops and ahhh in a group Jenga game. On the way to school we took turns to tumble compost and look at how it’s turning into soil.

This afternoon the children enjoyed a story “when I’m a grown up”  there was an interesting variation on what children wanted to be. Lucas wants to be an anethesist, Matilda wants to be a doctor so she can stick people with needles, Taylah … hairdresser, Sage a vet or a waitress on skates, Parker wants to work at I play… just to name a few.

decorations for Mother’s Day were very popular,,❤️❤️❤️🎉❤️❤️🎉🎉

thanks for reading the OSHC post xx