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        Happy Thursday Riversdale Families,

We begin our morning indoors as we awaited for all children to arrive for another wonderful outdoor day. Today we welcomed this morning: Luca, Lincoln, Hunter, Alia, Ariana, Colton, Conall, Harper, Hendrix, Indi, Jake, Denise and Tanner. Just before the arrival of morning tea, our children found their interests in free drawing, creating car tracks, reading stories and riding their bicycles on the bike track. Eventually all classes made their way into the bathroom to wash their hands for self-serve morning tea.

Shortly after morning tea concluded, we had a group of our children sit down with Mr. Andrew to do a whiteboard domino experience. The purpose of this activity was for our children to understand the concept of colour matching and patterns. One by one, each individual student would have a turn at creating a coloured coded pattern. Colour recognition is a key cognitive developmental step for our children, as it plays an important role in object recognition and is a vital part in helping our children to develop their descriptive language skills, which in return encourages clear communication and understanding.

We continued the remaining hours of our day in free play. Providing our children with the chance to utilise their spontaneous play stimulates their creativity and develop their imagination and other strengths. Encourages our students to interact with and explore the world around them. Allows our children to socialise and form bonds, connections and relationships. It helps to build and maintain positive relationships also. During this time, our children found themselves enjoying sand-castle building, truck racing, dodge-ball and utilising the obstacle course.

Just as our lunch arrived, we washed our hands for self-serve lunch and completing our rest-pause period. Those that required a sleep made their way to the tree-house for a rest whilst the remainder of our children sat down for quiet activities. Needless to say, we have had quite a calm and relaxing Thursday. We thank you all for your consideration and help during this time. We look forward to seeing you next time. Enjoy the rest of your week, thank you.

NOTE: Tomorrow is Jeans for genes day. Be sure to arrive to Kindy in your best jeans. The charity’s mission is to support families and children with birth defects or incurable genetic diseases. The day encourages children and teachers to join in with fundraising by wearing jeans. Be sure to leave a donation. Thank you 🙂

SK, PK, K1 & K2