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Good Afternoon Friends and Families 🙂

Happy Frida and welcome to the combined blog for the senior building 🙂


This morning we welcomed; Ariana and Conall from Pre-Kindy / Harper from Kindy 2 / Tanner, Denis and India from Kindy 1 / Toby, Isabelle, Lincoln and Hunter from Senior Kindy. 

Today we celebrated Miss India turning 5 years old ! Happy Birthday, we hope that you enjoyed your day here at Kindy 🙂 

As we started our morning inside we were lucky enough to have Miss Lea get out her face painting paints and brushes. She started off with Lincoln wanting a rainbow so Miss Lea obliged Isabelle with a yellow flower whilst Tanner had a spider on one hand and a sparkly bird on the other. India came into Kindy with some glitter hair spray so with Miss Jess help she played hairdresser and coloured everyone’s hair. 

We then headed outside to warm ourselves up and get some fresh air. The yard was empty, a blank canvas for the children to set it up as they please. India and Harper helped Miss Lea set up the soft landing mats and the gymnastic equipment, Lincoln, Isabelle, Hunter and Tanner headed to the shed with Miss Bec and selected the bikes and scooters they wanted to play with. 

This morning we were lucky enough to be able to get our bake on! India and her mum brought in cupcake ingredients for all the children to help make some cupcakes. Miss Tiff and Miss Jess got all the bowls and mixing spoons organised, the children all washed their hands and took a seat at the table. We had the flour mix, eggs, butter and milk all in a bowl and we took turns mixing. Miss Bec worked alongside India, Tanner, Lincoln and Isabelle. Miss Alicia worked with Ariana and Conall while Miss Aaliyah worked with Harper, Denis and Toby. Hunter decided not to participate in the baking experience instead found himself invested in playing with the toy cars and trucks. 

Once we mixed all the batter we then spooned it into the cupcake cases and Miss Tiffany placed them in the oven. 

As we also celebrate Jean for Gene days we had a few activities organised for the children to participate in should they wish to. We had tie-dye t-shirts and socks. Ariana, India, Harper and Tanner all assist with putting the rubber bands in place. We then took them all outside and each child created their very own tie-dye piece of clothing. (These are in a zip lock bag in their school bags, please wash in a cold wash without any other clothes to remove excess colouring). 

As we let our tie-dye dry we then headed to the tables where there was a pair of jeans, along with a variety of art supplies such as glitter, matchsticks, pompoms, googly eyes- when asked “What do you think we should do with all of these ?” Tanner responded with “stick them on the pants”. So they proceeded to decorate the jeans whilst engaging in conversation about Genes and what they are. 

We then enjoyed the sun and played on the bikes and scooters as well as got involved in a game of twister! Before enjoying our yummy lunch.

Today meals; 

Scrumptious Bananarama Split- Banana, custard, fresh fruit

Roast day- Meatballs served with roast vegetables and vegie salad bar 

Crunchy Munchy Chocolate topped rice and sunflower seeds.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

With love from all of us here at Riversdale 🙂