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Happy Monday Riversdale Families,

We begin our morning outdoors as we awaited for all children to arrive for today. Due to the unfortunate low numbers in regards to the past weekend’s covid-19 lockdown announcement, we made the decision to combine all four classes for an extravagant outdoor day. Just before our morning tea arrived, our children found enjoyment in a series of experiences and activities that our educators provided. Miss Tiffany had created a soap and bubble experience where our children had the chance to play with bubbles and soap whilst sanitising and cleaning our toys at the same time. Not only is this experience a fun water-play activity that keeps our children engaged and socially interacting, it takes care of cold and flu germs that could possibly be lurking on our toys, and leaves them squeaky-clean. Whilst this activity was happening, Mr Andrew organised a miniature version of the Olympics with a weight-lifting competition. To do this, Mr Andrew formed a miniature podium, created and crafted Olympic medals for the competition and gathered a mini plastic shoulder weight bar for our children to utilise for the experience. One by one, each child had a turn at lifting the weight over their shoulders and above their head. By the end of the competition, all students received a medal from Mr. Andrew and stood up on the podium for a photograph. Just as we completed the Olympics it was time for ourselves to wash our hands for self-serve morning tea in the outdoors.

Just as we completed our morning tea, Miss Beck and Miss Tiffany created an animal scavenger hunt. For this experience our educators hid a collection of animals around the playground for our children to find. Miss Tiffany and Miss Beck crafted a scavenger hunt list for our children to tick and mark off once they had found the animal. This was such a wonderful experience for our classes to come together to problem solve, socialise, think creatively, work as a team, explore and observe closely. One of the many amazing benefits of scavenger hunts is that it teaches our children the concept of teamwork. Participating in a group scavenger hunt educates our students on the value of teamwork, in addition to promoting social interaction. Our children would would work together to solve clues to get to the final destination.

It is quite obvious that we have had such a jam packed, wonderful outdoor morning. Without a doubt, our children have utilised our outdoor day quite well. Although as the morning made its way to finish, we then prepared ourselves for our daily rest-pause period and lunch. Our children washed their hands for outdoor self-serve lunch and eventually for those that needed a sleep made their way to the tree-house for a rest. Whilst some of our peers had their required sleep in our above ground treehouse, the remainder of our friends sat down with educators to enjoy some quiet experiences such as magnetic block building and quiet role play. Just as we awake from our rest-pause period, we will then continue our afternoon outdoors completing our afternoon tea and participating in free play as await for the arrival of our families. Overall, we hope you all are having a wonderful and safe lockdown. We look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you 🙂

NOTE: We thank you all for your understandings and consideration in regards to the announcement of this week’s lockdown. We look forward to seeing you all soon. Enjoy the rest of your week, stay safe!

–  K1, K2, SK & PK 🙂