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It’s Friday!

Today we had a girl’s class with Kaylee, Ellie, Zahra, Milly and Mia. Out in the yard Kaylee and Ellie started to play a game of Three little pigs and the big bad wolf, running around the yard and hiding. Milly joined us and we all headed to the big swing. Milly had a go at the walking stilts and did so well! Mia raced around the grass hill towing her friends on the bikes. Zahra arrived to kindy and everyone was very excited to see her. It started to drizzle with rain so we headed inside for a delicious jelly, yogurt and fruit morning tea.

The children made their way over to the book area for some quite reading time while their friends finished eating. Mia brought in some books and puzzles to share with the class, thank you Mia. While looking through the books we found a story called “The Frog who couldn’t croak” which is perfect as we have been learning about Tadpoles and Frogs. Miss TJ read us the story while the focused on sitting like Listening Lucy.

It was then time for FUNKY FEET dancing! We had such a blast up in the outdoor classroom doing solo freestyle dancers, doing hopscotch over the mat, learning how to walk in a conga line and practicing our gallops. Milly has been so excited to dance a long to one of her favourite songs, baby shark! Today at dancing we requested the song to be played. Milly and her friends screamed with excitement then danced a long to the song.

Back inside the children started to play a group game of the ‘Three Little pigs’. They packed a picnic full of food, pillows and costume and travelled around the room. They were setting up their picnic in an area then one of them spotted the “Big bad wolf” so they quickly packed up their picnic and found a new house to set up again. They were all giggling and interacting with each other so positively. It was so great to sit back and observe their conversations and watch how they were using their imagination. children’s voice:

Ellie- Feed yourself and cuddle yourself. Its okay, the big bad wolf is coming

Kaylee- Is the big bad wolf coming? Guys it’s just Gabby

MIa- There’s a bad wolf over there

Milly- He’s going to get us. Lets go

Zahra- He blows your house down

The children also enjoyed free drawing with the crayons, playing a colour sorting game where they were matching the coloured pieces to the correct coloured paper, pretending to be on a bus with Zahra driving and Mia and Ellie in the back and puzzles. Children’s voice on the bus:

Mia- Baby on the Bus go wah, wah, wah! Shh Shh!

Zahra- We are going to disneyland


Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Miss TJ