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Happy Friday Everyone!

The Senior Kindy children had a wonderful play outside this morning. We made sure our sunscreen was all over our bodies and our hats stayed on our heads as the sun was shining bright. Zachary peddled on the big bikes while Kaylee sat on the back seat. Very strong Zachary! Ellie and Zahra were getting their hands messy, cooking in the sandpit. Milly and Kaylee were enjoying exploring around the yard and greeting the teachers and friends arriving.

To extend on our Fairy Fridays that we have been having, this morning we had a lovely fairy experience on the mat. Miss TJ wore her big fairy wings and shared some fairy dust with the children. Together we sat like fairies around a pond, we washed our wings in the water and then stretched our bodies ready to fly. We slowly stood up and balanced on our tip toes. Then we moved our arms up and down just like fairies and tip toed around the class making our way back onto the mat for a fairy sleep. We repeated the routine before gently moving our fairy dust all over our arms. The children absolutely loved the experience. We warmed our bodies up and stretched our bodies ready for the day.

I asked the children “What would you like to do today?” and here were their responses:

Zahra- Goopey goopey

Ellie- Play in home corner

Kaylee- Home corner

Zachary- Play with Dinosaurs

Milly- Home corner

During activity time the children took turns at feeling the Yellow goop that we made. Zahra said “Eww yuck it’s so slimy”. The children also started their family Christmas presents, enjoying some painting and decorating. We brought out the play dough again with tools to help us when creating. The children also made their way over to their favourite area, home corner. Ellie dressed up with her friends and said “We going to the concert”. Milly grabbed a basket of food ready for the concert. Kaylee tried on MIss TJ’s wings and twirled around on the mat.

Harvey and William came for a play from the Toddlers room as they will be transitioning to Senior Kindy at the beginning of the new year. Zachary and Harvey enjoyed the rocks, blocks and trucks that were still set up in the room from yesterday’s experience. William loved our three leveled doll house! Zahra was playing with the felt stories when she came across a funny looking piece and asked “What is this?”. I explained that it is called a bag pipe. We then came over to the computer to watch a video clip of a group of people from Scotland performing and playing the bagpipes. Ellie, Zahra and Milly were pointing to the different parts on the bagpipes and noticed the people were wearing kilts and special head pieces.

We finished our morning off with our dance class with Miss Jenni which was very energetic!

Have an awesome weekend everyone

Miss TJ