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Good afternoon friends and family,
Today we welcomed Hudson, Lachlan, Finley, Hunter, Goku, Zahra, Finley, Rumi and Dominic into the yard. The children spent the morning climbing on the treehouse, reading books with Miss Bec in the treehouse, swinging on the swing, racing around the bike track with their friends and overall, just having fun. Once all of our friends arrived, we headed indoors, sat on the mat and read Easter hunt”, which is very similar to bear hunt, however just an Easter egg Hunt. “We then sang bee bee bumble bee and washed our hands before sitting for morning tea.
After morning tea, we sat back on the mat and had conversations about todays activities, and the Easter bunny. We also sang Happy Birthday to our darling Rumi, as it is his birthday tomorrow yay!! We then transitioned to the tables for our activities. On one table we had everything sensory! The children enjoyed playing with rocks, tree pods, playdough, magical sand and incorporated animals and role play. The children made hills for the animals to run up and down, they made obstacles and fences for them to stay in. On the other table, we had a painting station. Miss Bec painted an Easter bunny, where I then asked the children to copy on their own paper. Everyone did so well! We painted two circles, one for the head and one for the body, we then added the ears and feet. We then grabbed the pink paint for the nose and the brown paint for the eyes. On the mat, we had the light table, where the children put the gel animals on top of the light, watched them glow while naming each animal. In the activity corner, we had the boys playing with the lego pieces that we borrowed from Kindergarten. They loved using their fine motor skills, to build and make different objects and towers. We then heard the clean up song, which meant it was time to pack away. We then slapped on some sunscreen, put on our hats and headed outdoors for a play, where we had a dance party and swung on the swing.

NOTE: We have had 3 cases of diarrhea in our Senior Kindy room. If your child develops any symptoms over the weekend, please remember they have to isolate from kindy for 48 hours and get a clearance before returning

We thank you so so much for your understanding this week with everything going on.
Have an amazing Easter and we will see you on Tuesday.

Love Miss Bec xx