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Hello Senior Kindy Families,

Happy Friday!
Today we welcomed Ella, Parker, Dominic, Luca, Kezia, Goku, Zilo, Zahra, Lilly, grace, Rumi, Hunter and Archie into the room. We spent the morning outdoors, where we had some water play, climbed on the rocky areas, even balancing along the wooden steps. Together our children participated in a variety of spontaneous choices of play during the outdoors including: riding bicycles and scooters, creating sandcastles, dancing in our outdoor classroom set up and climbing on the underground monkey bars. Allowing our students take the time to explore the outdoors and engage in their own play allows us as educators to create observations for our children, find our children’s interests and incorporate their interests into our programming.

Just after morning tea was completed, we then transitioned to our daily morning circle time. During this time we like to take the opportunity to welcome and acknowledge all students and educators that arrived for today’s lesson. During circle time, we ask one individual student to choose a storybook of their choice from our child book shelf. For today’s reading Miss Bec asked Ella to collect a storybook. Reading stories is an extremely crucial activity that benefits our children’s growth and development. Reading stories enhances our children’s language and communication skills, our students are able to discover new words and enhance their vocabulary whilst increasing their social skills as they are all sitting together.

As we continued on with our morning, the children sat together at the tables for a group learning experience. Today our Senior Kindy Class, participating in a “Float Or Sink” experience. The concept of this experience is for our children to understand the difference between objects that float compared to objects that sink. This activity is brilliantly done as it allows our children to have a basic introduction to the meaning of “cause and effect”. The Float or Sink experience was completed by our children as each individual student had a turn at dropping different materials that weighed differently to others into a bucket of water. For eg. Dominic and Kezia would drop cars that would sink to the bottom of the bowl. Whereas another eg. Zahra, Lilly, Luca and Hunter would drop leaves into the bowl. Throughout this experience educators would continuously ask questions to provide our children with a further understanding of what they are learning, whilst sparking their curiosity and wanting to learn more. Whilst we had our group experience, we then set up a variety of table-top experiences for our children to utilise. During this time, our children were engaged in dinosaur play, colourful connector blocks where our students created towers using colourful patterns of their choices, free drawing using a variety of artistic drawing materials and reading story books with educators on the mat.

Overall, we had a very fulfilling and Fantastic Friday. We look forward to seeing you next time. Enjoy your wonderful weekend.

Thank you 🙂

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah.