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This morning we welcomed our friends Hudson, Toby, Luca, Parker, Archie, Hunter, Orion, Henry, Lincoln, Aria, Poppy, Isabelle, Kezia, Zilo and Zahra. Our friends spent their morning outdoors engaging with one another in aspects of role play, creativity and physical play.

Before morning tea, we came inside and sat down for a group time. Today for group time we read “I lost my teddy”. During the book, we talked about what a clothesline is, why we think the teddy may have been on the clothesline and what a teddy does. The children were very engaged in this conversation. We then sang bee bee bumble bee before washing our hands and sitting down for morning tea. After morning tea, we sat down again and the children took turns at choosing a song to sing. Parker chose  “open shut them”, Lincoln chose “ba ba black sheep”, Aria chose “the alphabet” and Isabelle chose “if your happy and you know it”. We then took turns at going up to Miss Bec to get our nose painted red to help celebrate “red nose day”, which raises awareness for SIDS. We then transitioned to activities where everything was red!

We had three tables set up. On one table, we had red playdough with Miss Alicia, making faces and using pom poms to give it a red nose. On the second table we had painting of our baby dolls. The children used red paint to paint the babies noses and talk about safe sleeping with Miss Aaliyah. On the third table, we had Miss Bec helping the children make paper plate faces. The children took turns at painting the paper plate red, then attaching a red cotton ball nose. We loved all activities and all the red! Thank you for those children that wore red today, you looked amazing. We then transitioned outdoors where Miss Jenni had set up our dance lesson on the treehouse. We busted out heaps of different dance moves and shook our sillies out.

What an amazing day to end the week!

Love Miss Bec, Alicia and Aaliyah x