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Hello Senior Kindy!

This morning we welcomed our friends Hudson, Nayla, Toby, Dominic, Luca, Aria, Nikora, Parker, Alia, Archie, Lachlan, Hunter, Henry, Lincoln, Rumi, Isabelle, Tua, Zahra as well as Millie and Abel who are transitioning up to our room from Toddlers. The children spent their morning outdoors in the big yard, having a dance party in the treehouse, riding and racing around on bikes, playing tag and lots more! Once all of our friends and educators had arrived, we headed indoors for group time and morning tea.

For group time today, we read “welcome to country”. A story about paying respects to the past, present and future Indigenous people. We then sang bee bee bumble bee before washing our hands and sitting down for morning tea. After morning tea, we sat down and practiced our counting, from 1 – 10 then 1-20. The children seem to be understanding the numbers, now we are practicing putting them in the right order. We then transitioned to our activities.

Today for our activities, we did a matching colour activity. The children had different coloured paper, yellow, green and blue which ad a container on each piece. They then used coloured plastic balls and matched them in their correct place. We loved this! We then moved outdoors where we made our own car tunnels using the giant Jenga blocks. The children enjoyed making their own tracks and moving the cars around. It was then time for our Arakan lesson with Dan, who teaches us self defence. We really enjoy this lesson and get very excited when we see him arrive.

What a great day we have had!

Love Miss Bec, Aaliyah and Alicia x