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Hello Senior Kindy,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! It was great to see some of you all dressed up in green today!

Today we welcomed Poppy, Grace, Zahra, Everly, Rania, Kezia, Lachlan, Luca, Finley, Hudson., Alanis. Henry, Goku, Rumi and Banjo into the room. We started the morning playing with green kinetic sand that Miss Nads made us that included gold wrapped “coins” to help celebrate St. Patricks Day. Once Miss Bec and all of our friends had arrived, we sat down with Miss Tayla, who spent some time with us today. She read us “we are going on a bear hunt”, “Let’s go baby-o” and “animal magic”, Miss Bec then sang us some songs including “5 cheeky monkeys”, and :open shut them” before we washed our hands and sat down for morning tea.

After morning tea, we set up the kinetic sand again for the children. The children used their sensory and fine motor skills to move the sand amongst and between their fingers. We then did another St. Patricks Day activity, where we used glue and green cellophane to decorate our 4 leaf clover template. The children really enjoyed this activity, as they deorated and we spoke about the meaning of the 4 leaf clover and St. Patricks Day. We also spent some time using funnels to play with the sand. Once we had cleaned up all of our activities, we sat on the mat with Miss Bec. We opened up some new posters that she had bought, that had shapes, numbers and letters. The children sat and named each shape and its colour, named the object that was on the poster, and how many of them there were, for example “5 pink flamingo’s”. This is something that we will practice most days, and we will soon be superstars at this!! We then sang bee bee bumble bee, found our hats and ran outside for a bit while there was a break in the rain.

Perfect timing, the rain came and so did lunch! So we ran indoors, washed our hands and sat down for a delicious lunch.

Love Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx