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Happy Friday!!

This morning we welcomed our friends Hudson, Luca, Toby, Archie, Parker, Hunter, Orion, Henry, Lincoln, Aria, Rumi, Isabelle, Kezia, Zilo, Zahra and Alanis. We started our morning in the slide yard where we build towers and castles using blocks, climbed over obstacle course and had bean bag throwing competitions. Once all of our friends and educators had arrived, we headed indoors for group time.

Today for group time, we sat on the mat with Miss Bec who lead us in an Alphabet lesson. Miss Bec drew different letters on the chalkboard, having the children name the letter. We then got an alphabet book, having the children look at the board full of letters and matching the letter in the book with the one on the board. We actually did really well at this! We then sang hammer hammer before transitioning to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea.  After morning tea, we sat on the mat and sang a variety of songs including “if your happy and you know it”, “ABC’s” and “hello how are you”. The children really enjoyed singing the songs in different voices according to the feeling, for example singing in a sad voice then a excited voice.

For today’s activities, we started with a magic milk experiment. This taught the children to take turns and show a reaction from the experiment. The activity involved a tub of soy milk with dollops of food colouring. The children then dipped a cotton tip into the dishwashing liquid, then into the food colouring. The food colouring then actually expanded, making a ripple effect. We then spent the rest of the morning tracing magnetic letters and learning to write, then practicing our drawing on the mini black boards. Some of our children spent their time in home corner, selling each other cookies and ice cream too. Miss Jen then arrived, ready for our dance lesson. The children busted out many different moves and party tricks and always have so much fun!

Today was such a relaxed and calm end to the week. See you all next week xx

Love Miss Bec, Miss Alicia and Jess x