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Hello Riversdale families,

Happy Friday!

We started our day waiting for all of our friends to arrive outside, playing and having fun with our friends and educators!

After transitioning inside for our morning group time, we sang our Good Morning songs and had a class discussion on what we wanted to play with today. Then we did a bit of Show and Tell with Millicent as she showed us her exciting book filled with some of our favorite nursery rhymes. Thank you Millie 🙂

Following that, we made our way to the bathroom with a transition song to wash hands and be seated for some Morning tea. After re-energizing our little bodies and staying hydrated on this warm day, we explored the room for some free-play.

Miss Leesa had set up some of our favorite classroom activities that we love to engage in! There was play-dough fun, stencil drawing, threading, home-corner play and puzzle play. Lots of these activities being great at extending our fine-motor skills, incorporates our 5 senses and involves lots of learning and interaction! There was even lots of happy dancing with Miss Tatyana while she played some of our favorite songs. It was a really positive and fun-loving environment in the Senior Kindy room today 🙂

After a successful morning, we worked together to pack away the room and got ready for some lunch. And it was then time for a rest, ready for the remainder of our Friday!

Thank you Senior Kindy for another great week and a Fun Friday!

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend with your families 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana